Consulting Services / Strategic Reimbursement

The Pinnacle Health Group can assist in developing and implementing comprehensive reimbursement strategies for your organization's new medical products. A reimbursement strategic plan provides the insight necessary for optimal long-term positioning of a product and will help your organization with issues created by the ever-changing health care reimbursement environment.

Launch a New Medical Device or Drug

In today's health care environment, the key to a successful new product is having a quality, medically necessary product combined with an effective reimbursement strategy. Developing a strategic coverage plan for a new product is complex and requires a comprehensive analysis and approach. The Pinnacle Health Group will help your organization develop and implement a strategic plan to support current products in development right through to the launch of new drugs and devices.

The Pinnacle Health Group will provide a comprehensive review of the current coding and payment system and will develop a plan specific to new drugs or medical devices. Reimbursement strategy and assessment include the following key factors:

  • Evaluation of current market trends
  • Review of similar products and payment policy history
  • Coding analysis and recommendations
  • New coding application process
  • Sales and Marketing reimbursement education programs
  • Continued product marketing support
  • Development of reimbursement sales tools

The Pinnacle team continuously monitors federal and state policy changes and proposals. Our experts are prepared to assist our clients by proactively keeping up to date on changes that will impact their products and services. The Pinnacle team will help manage the impact of proposed and implemented changes and provide education and leadership at the state and federal levels as regulations evolve.

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