Consulting Services / Provider Reimbursement

The Pinnacle Health Group provides the services and support your organization needs to maximize your reimbursement within the appropriate and current coding and billing standards while complying with the numerous rules and regulations in effect. The Pinnacle team can evaluate your organization's billing and coding practices to ensure your claims are submitted properly, accurately and up to date, leading to less claim denials and optimizing your reimbursement. We implement programs and procedures to review your billing practices on an ongoing basis. Our experts identify, evaluate and resolve issues and barriers that will allow your operation to run smoothly and in accordance with industry standards and government regulations.

Reimbursement Support

Credentialed professional coders at the Pinnacle will design comprehensive strategies to help manage your accounts receivable. We design customized programs to avoid excessive time and resources to analyze coding, billing and collection strategies for your clients. We ensure collection of appropriate receivables from Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance companies and patients. We will help to negotiate managed care pricing and coding strategies as part of your organization's accounts receivable management program. Our specialized medical billing associates are dedicated to providing timely, comprehensive and accurate billing, collection and management services. The Pinnacle services and support include:

  • Coding Analysis and Reimbursement Review
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Collections
  • Customized Monthly Reporting
  • Coding Audits and Billing Practices Evaluation
  • Clinical Documentation Audits
  • Managed Care Contract Negotiation Support
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Evaluation and Management Coding Strategies and Management Review Tools
  • Coding and Billing Forms
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